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Rapid Prototyping technology FDM

FDM process

FDM technology (Fused Deposition Modeling) is a basic solution of Stratasys’ systems, used for swift production of high-quality models from various materials (it is ABS in case of Prodigy and Dimension sst 768). Nontoxic material in a form of a thread is reeled on a changeable coil and transported into special moving head. Here, it is melted and applied on a removable board through a nozzle. Threads connect with each other and create thin layers, creating a model layer by layer. Along with the modeling material, in each layer, a supporting material is applied, if needed. Dimension sst 768 device is using soluble material as a support material, which enables modeling a complex-shaped or closed models.

Prodigy and Dimension sst 768

Device for swift production of solid and working ABS models using FDM method. Maximum dimensions of models are 203 × 203 × 305 mm. When the model is bigger, you can split it into more parts and glue them together.

Data from various CAD applications can be used. It is necessary to convert these data to STL format before production

Usage of models

Models and prototypes from ABS materials are solid, dimensionally stable and easy-to-modify its surface. Models can be used for visualization, testing, testing, if the kit can be assembled, and when the component is not much stressed, it is used as a fully working component. Models made of ABS material can be used for forming into ceramic shell (method of wax modeling, or as a master model for silicon form production and following casting smaller series made of polyurethane resins.

Experience and involvement into teaching

Since 2001, we gained much experience in production of various models using FDM technologies and established cooperation with many companies, for which we produced many prototypes.

Model examples - filter unit and the valve body 

Facilities are also involved in a field of study in several subjects, including specially focused subject. Student gets familiar with Rapid Prototyping technologies and their use. In lessons, they create their own designs and make their own models.

Model example – water wheel innovation

Science – research – development

In the research area, we focus on ways of using Rapid Prototyping technologies or in continual technologies such as Rapid Tooling, Investment Casting etc. Our department is developing its own facilities for swift model or prototype creation.