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Hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms

Hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms

Transmission and management of energy transmitted by pressure fluid is increasingly used in all industrial fields. In pneumatics, compressed air is used, while in hydraulics, oil is usually used.

Test stand for measuring static and dynamic characteristics of hydraulic components

Pneumatics generally works with relatively small forces (to 10kN), and is used in work cycles, where high speeds are assumed. If you need to overcome large force, accurate speed management and high power/weight ratio, the hydraulic is more suitable. Significant integration of electronics into fluid mechanism management improved and multiplied its advantages, forced some disadvantages and significantly expanded its possibilities of application. An area of using hydraulics and pneumatics reaches from mobile transport and work equipment, over the manufacturing and processing machines and industrial robots, to adjustable hospital beds.

Measurement of static characteristics of a proportional distributor.

Subject “Hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms” introduces into basics of fluid mechanisms. We pay attention to: common theoretical basics, managing parameters of transmitted power and characteristics, and use of individual components. Also, we teach: Circuit synthesis regarding ways of velocity management, changing direction of movement, and stopping motors, and by controlling its motion sequence in connection with the level of managing the whole machine or facility, whose parts are mechanisms and last but not least, practical application.

Hydraulic systems dynamics

Hydraulic systems dynamics expands knowledge gained in Hydraulic and Mechanic mechanisms subject. Attention is given dynamic characteristics of hydraulic motors, standard control components and proportional valves. Using mathematic models of components, we create computer simulation models of various peripheries, solved in Matlab-Simulink. Students are solving individual tasks.

Test facility for measurement of static and dynamic characteristics of a rotary hydraulic motor, controlled by proportional distributor following the simulation model

In scientific research activities, we have been solving static and dynamic characteristics of a pressure valve lately. Currently, we are making out controlling rotary and linear hydraulic motors. We are cooperating with ARGO – HYTOS Vrchlabí.