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Department is cooperating with leading companies not only in Liberec region. It is involved in project solution in area of Rapid prototyping, manufacturing logistics, making manufacturing processes effective, computer simulation, employee education, and further more areas.

Applications of Rapid Prototyping technologies

Contact: Prof. Ing. Pokorný CSc., Ing. Keller, Ph.D., Ing. Zelený, Ph.D.

3D proximity scanning, digitalization, CMM measuring (Coordinate-measuring machine)

Contact: Ing. Mendřický, Ph.D., Ing. Keller, Ph.D.

Plant design and layout, workplace ergonomics (Tecnomatix)

Contact: doc. Dr. Ing. Manlig, Ing. Lada

Computer simulation of production and logistics processes – analysis of current material and information flows.

Contact: doc. Dr. Ing. Manlig, ing. Vavruška

Industrial engineering, process innovation

Contact: doc.Dr. Ing. Manlig, Ing. Vavruška

Implementing of information systems for business management, planning and scheduling contracts

Contact: doc. Dr. Ing. Manlig, Ing. Kolbasa

Implementation of lean manufacturing (JIT), cell organizing, KAIZEN etc.

Contact: doc.Dr. Ing. Manlig, Ing. Vavruška

Designing and developing construction of production facilities (machining, forming, assembly), automation, construction of single-purpose, modular machines and handling equipment.

Contact: Prof. Ing. Pokorný CSc., Ing. Zelený Ph.D.

Servo-mechanism modeling in Matlab/Simulink

Contact: Prod. Ing. Skalla CSc., Ing. Lachman, Ph.D., Ing. Mendřický, Ph.D.

Designing of machine-tool drives, positional servomechanisms, parameter management and enhancement (see VCSVTT centre).

Contact: prof.Ing. Skalla CSc, Ing. Mendřický, Ph.D.

Hydraulic components simulation, designing machine drives, designing hydraulic mechanisms, desing and simulation of hydraulic and pneumatic circuits.

Contact: doc. Ing. Cerha CSc., Ing. Lachman, Ph.D.

NC and CNC machine programming, CAD/CAM application, 5-axis machining center

Contact: Ing. Keller, Ph.D., Ing. Šafk