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Classrooms and equipment

Computer simulation laboratory

Computer simulation laboratory is a research and educational laboratory equipped with tools for simulation of discreet events which enables creating a digital models of logistics systems (for example manufacturing lines, warehouse picking). The goal is to observe characteristics of the systems and optimize its efficiency (Tecnomatix Plant Simulaation – Siemens PLM, Witness – Manner group, Simcron, ShowFlow), tools for designing (innovating) processes (Tecnomatix – Process Designer), and tools for robotic processes simulation and analysis of ergonomic load of various workplaces (Tecnomatix – Process Simulate).

CNC machine laboratory is a Mechanical Engineering laboratory equipped with 5-axis multi-operational turning-milling center MAZAK Integrex 100-IV, educational machines EMCO lathes, EMCO milling machine and two Mitsubishi robots. Laboratory is used for teaching and training in programming of CNC machines. There is ongoing research of machining complex surfaces in 5 axis issues. Machines are also used for production of prototype parts in cooperation with industrial companies.

HPM Laboratory is a research and educational laboratory, in which experiments aimed at hydraulic elements and circuit simulation characteristics measurement. Laboratory is equipped with test stages for designing and testing hydraulic circuits. Software products for flow simulation are available in this lab.

This laboratory is a workplace of a research center. Research in areas of structure and adjustment of servo positioning controllers, maximizing dynamic stiffness, minimizing dynamic errors during interpolation, optimizing machine mechanics while achieving high speeds and accelerating while getting into its own high frequencies., dynamic accuracy in atypical ways of machining. Research is made on test stages and CNC machines.