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Computer simulation of manufacturing systems and ergonomics

We offer usage of know-how and capacities in area of simulation studies, especially in Tecnomatix “Digital factories” from Siemens.

In cooperation with Siemens PLM software (CZ) s.r.o., we offer cooperation in training, pilot projects even in long-term cooperation in the area of usage of Tecnomatix “Digital factories” tool. Primarily we use Plant Simulation module, Process Designer module, Process Simulate Human module and Jack module.

Process Simulate Human

Why do we “simulate”?

Simulation enables more complex view of studied problematic. This view is due to its ability to simulate and watch stochastic and dynamic properties of individual processes and predict their behavior. By using simulation we are able to create and verify various solutions. We can even compare various scenarios and making “What if…?” solutions while simulation experimenting. Just the experience with making models can lead to certain improvements. Simulation can be used to verify the results gained by other methods. There is even a possibility of using the model in other areas. It supports creativity and teamwork.

Usage of computer simulation

Computer simulation is becoming a support tool in the area of project management, screening of investments in the design of manufacturing systems and making the operation more effective. By using computer simulation, you can minimize risk of bad decision, predict usage of capital investments, you can check the emergency scenarios, or make current operations more effective.


         Plant Simulation

Simulation helps find answers to these questions

Will I keep the delivery date of the contract?

What is the running time of production?

What is the size of work in progress?

Where are the bottlenecks?

Where are the potential reserves?

Will our logistics system make to supply a new project?

Are there more investments necessary?

How much will failure affect production capacity?

When to use computer simulation?

When experimenting with the real system is impossible or too expensive. When you can’t solve the problem by analyzing it. When you want to find out new properties. When you want to check current solution achieved by different methods.

   Process Designer


We are working with simulation for many years on our department. We have experience with a number of simulation tools such as “Witness”, “ShowFlow”, “Simcron”, “Plant simulation”, “Process designer” and “Process Simulate Human”. We have experience especially with automobile and electro-technical industry.