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Motion Analysis

Contact persons:  Ing. Jan Vavruška, Ph.D. , Ing. Miroslav Vavroušek, Ph.D. 

Keywords: motion analysis, virtual reality, VR, augmented reality, AR, motion tracking, motion recording, scaning, automatization

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The movement analysis laboratory is located in the "T" building of the Technical University in Liberec,
ul. Třebízského 1244, Liberec, GPS 50.77449, 15.08185, Map


Main goals and activities of the laboratory

We focus on real-time 3D motion sensing of the object "motion analysis" (instrumental motion analysis) focusing on industry and logistics. We aim not only at motion economy and ergonomics but also at analyzing real motion and interpreting the required controlled motion of robots and other mechanisms with loads. The third area is the transfer of real movement into the virtual world of VR, AR, and XR with real-time binding.

MOCAP_Synertial (png)

IInertial suit Synertial MS-4900, Tecnomatix PSH

Expert focus of the laboratory

The main activities are related to motion recording and analysis. Technical equipment of the laboratory using so-called motion capture tools is available. Part of the laboratory's equipment is professional VFX Vicon optical technologies supplemented by cheaper tracking systems. Furthermore, professional inertial systems: Cobra gloves, and the Synertial suit, are also used in NASA laboratories. We can record the spatial movement of an object in the form of a trajectory. The obtained trajectories can then be computer-processed and subjected to the required inspection or editing.

P1020563 (JPG)

Optical system VICON Tracker 3.X - calibration

Laboratory equipment

  • Vicon optical MOCAP -  rigid body tracking, 11x Vero 2.0 camera;

  • Vicon Lock study -  an element for synchronization with a tracked external system;

  • Synertial Suit MS-4900 -  inertial MOCAP suit with 17 combined sensors; 

  • Cobra Goves - a pair of inertial MOCAP gloves 2x 16 Sensors (also as a suit extension);

  • HTC VIVE VR Head-set - for Hybrid MOCAP;

  • Trimble CX - terrestrial laser 3D scanner; digitization of production halls, machines, buildings; 

  • OpenCV AL KIT, OAK-D -  spatial AI 4K camera capable of running advanced neural networks at the chip level with the possibility of determining depth using additional integrated stereo cameras. 

  • Vicon Tracker 3.X SW and Synetrial SynDush and SynShow SW - for recording and streaming outputs from the MOCAP system linked to MATLAB, Unity, Unreal, and Siemens Tecnomatix PLM, for data processing or for creating animations and VR environments.

MOCAP_Vicon (jpg)

The laboratory's resources can also be used in other areas:

  • To set the dynamics of the human-robot system during exoskeleton-assisted locomotion (EAL), motion can be sensed and further insights into the human-robot interaction during EAL can be obtained. The goal is mobility and quality of life at the level of healthy peers.

  • Creation of electronic (VR) presentation of products, processing of educational or instructional materials using animations and movement characteristics;

  • assisted maintenance or servicing of equipment by the customer with the support of XR or a remote expert of the supplier; support in the field of development of prosthetic aids and exoskeletons, in the field of hand and body gestures, sign or presentation skills, analysis of movement techniques in athletes or in the elderly population, assessment of exercise results in as part of rehabilitation or during diagnostics in medicine; 


  DSC_4935 (JPG)    DSC_4976 (JPG)

Offered technology and expert activity

We offer and use the above-mentioned activities and experience in the field of industrial engineering and motion capture for

  • contract research and collaboration with industry in MOCAP, ergonomics and virtual reality

  • solution of scientific and research projects in the field of motion digitization and XR

  • teaching at TUL – participation in study programs

Other possibilities of application in the laboratory

  • Possibility of internships and internships

  • The possibility of processing final theses ( high school graduation, bachelor's, diploma, dissertation)

  • The possibility of further cooperation with entities outside TUL as well

DSC_4857 (JPG)


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