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Ing. František Koblasa, Ph.D.


Type: Lecturer / researcher

Office: Building E, 3rd floor

Phone: +420 485353358

Email: frantisek.koblasa@tul.cz


Laboratory of Manufacturing Systems simulation and optimization

Research field of Artificial intelligence - Autonomous Manufacturing systems

Guarantor  and lecturer of courses:

  • Industrial Engineering (KSA / PI*M)
  • Information systems of  production planning and control (KSA / ISRPP a KSA / ISRP)
  • Operation analysis (KSA / OA*M)
  • Logistics (KSA / LOG-M)


  • Digital Factory and Information systems (KSA/DIT*D)
  • Digital Factory (KSA/DIP*M)  
  • Production Logistics (KSA/VLOG)  

Guarantor of education and development projects

EduCom - Innovation education system "Education Company"  CZ.1.07/2.2.00/15.0089

Pokrok.Digital - Digital Education platform (100281976 SN-CZ 2016-2020)

ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4074-7227

Publications: Research Gate , WOS

Research focus:

Academic and industrial projects focus on the global optimization of Manufacturing systems with the aid of classical methods of Industrial Engineering. The most common academic projects (Bc. and Ing thesis) deal with the minimization of expenses or maximization of Manufacturing System efficiency performance indicators using tools as Lean Six Sigma. Topics of process automation by Information systems towards the concept of I 4.0 and the application of process optimization techniques within the Artificial Intelligence (Evolution Algorithms) field are also common. A very interesting topic is also the development of Serious Games as a tool for engineering education.  

The research focus is then put on the research and development of Artificial Intelligence methods (Evolution Algorithms) in the field of Manufacturing systems.