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During the reconstruction of the E1 building, part of the Department of manufacturing systems and automation will be located in temporary rooms. List of newly placed department staff valid from 18.1.2019:

Move from building E1 to building F2, 4th floor:
Ing. Petr Zelený, Ph.D., Jana Aschenbrennerová, Ing. Martin Lachman, Ph.D., Ing. František Koblasa, Ph.D. a Ing. Jan Vavruška, Ph.D. - the phone numbers remain

Moving or changing within the F2 building area, 4th floor:
Ing. Radek Votrubec, Ph.D. - change of office, the phone number remains
Ing. Miroslav Vavroušek, Ph.D. - change the phone number 3358

Moving from the E1 building to the E2 building, 3rd floor (near the KV1 classroom):
Ing. Radomír Mendřický, Ph.D. - the phone number remains
Ing. Petr Keller, Ph.D. - change the phone number 3356

Moving from the E1 building to the G building (premises of the KSR department):
Prof. Ing. Přemysl Pokorný, CSc. a Ing. Martin Ševic  - the phone number remains